Thinking about the Economy: Institutional, Moral and Social Dimensions

Thinking about the Economy: Institutional, Moral and Social Dimensions, led by Harold James (Princeton University) and Jerry Muller (Catholic University of America)

August 9-14, 2015

This seminar examines the capitalist economy and its relationship to culture, society, identity and the state. We will look at key fiscal and monetary institutions of a capitalist economy; key concepts such as competition, innovation, information, and trust; key issues in trying to evaluate what a capitalist economy produces (or fails to produce), including GNP, happiness, and virtues.  Texts include extracts from classic works by Adam Smith, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Hayek, as well as more recent social scientific analysts and critics of contemporary capitalism, including Diane Coyle, Tyler Cowen, Richard Sennett and Thomas Piketty.

The seminar is open to advanced undergraduates as well as graduate and professional students with an interest in politics, economics, and the world of business.