Luncheon Speaker Series

An ongoing series of luncheon discussions with Yale faculty and visiting speakers on timely and timeless questions.

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The Study of Religion Among the Disciplines

Carlos Eire / February 16

What is the relationship between theology and religious studies? What role does the understanding of religion play in history and social theory? Carlos Eire, a Catholic historian and leading scholar of the Protestant Reformation, reflects on the complex work of understanding religion within and across the academic disciplines.

Carlos Eire is T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History and Religious Studies at Yale University. (faculty page)

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The Crisis in Modernity

Margarita Mooney '95 / March 1

The Italian philosopher Augusto Del Noce understood secularization as not merely the decline of formal religious beliefs and practice, but the comprehensive elimination of the sacred in philosophy, culture and politics leading inexorably to a rationalistic and scientistic understanding of the human person. How plausible is Del Noce's diagnosis of the crisis of modernity and what are its implications for our understanding of the relationship between? 

Margarita Mooney is an Associate Professor in the Department of Practical Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. (website)

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Religion and the Liberal Regime

R.R. Reno PhD '95 / April 9

A discussion of contemporary questions of religion, culture, and human flourishing in light of recent critiques of the liberal democratic tradition. 

R.R. Reno is editor of First Things magazine.

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Temperance, Self-Control, and Transcendence

Jennifer Frey / April 18

A central virtue in Aristotle and Aquinas, temperance is an often neglected and often misunderstood virtue. Properly understood, temperance turns out to be essential for the achievement of justice and the common good.

Jennifer Frey is Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Carolina. (website)

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Civilization Stands or Falls on the Foundation of Beauty

James Matthew Wilson / April 20

By turns a study in fundamental ontology, aesthetics, and political philosophy, James Matthew Wilson's The Vision of the Soul: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty in the Western Tradition draws inspiration from Hans Urs von Balthasar's striking claim that truth, goodness, and even being itself depend upon the reality of beauty. Wilson examines the tradition that sees claims about beauty as foundational for our understanding or reality and explores the consequences of its rejection.  

James Matthew Wilson is Associate Professor of Religion and Literature in the Department of the Humanities at Villanova University. (website)