Reading Group

Political Theology: Legacies of Augustine and Aquinas


A reading group exploring the history of Christian political theology, tracing the legacies of Augustine and Aquinas and charting their influence on later thinkers and debates through to modern times.

Open to graduate students. Space is limited; for more information please contact Justin Hawkins.

Currently Reading

Oliver O’Donovan and Joan Lockwood O’Donovan, From Irenaeus to Grotius (Eerdmans, 1999)

Spring Meetings

1/24, 2/7, 2/21, 3/7, 3/28, 4/11

Without justice, what are kingdoms but great bands of robbers? What are bands of robbers but little kingdoms?

Augustine, The City of God


Ambrogio Lorenzetti ,  The Allegory of Good and Bad Government  (1338)

Ambrogio Lorenzetti, The Allegory of Good and Bad Government (1338)