Patrick Langdale Hough


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Patrick Langdale Hough is Executive Director of Elm Institute. For over a decade he has worked at the intersection of venture philanthropy, research, and cultural entrepreneuriship, directing and advising unique projects within and alongside leading research universities in the United States and United Kingdom. He serves on the governing and advisory boards of various foundations and grassroots organizations that share a fundamental desire to further deeper understandings of the human person and the common good. Flowing from these professional commitments, his intellectual interests over the years have been guided by the themes of friendship, beauty, stewardship, cultural practices and community, and transcendence. He studied classics and medieval studies at Princeton University and theology at Princeton Theological Seminary. A native of the Shoreline, Hough lives in Guilford with his wife and their four children. He is a passionate gardener, apiarist, and fly fisherman, and is a member of various societies of natural, historical and agricultural preservation in the town of Guilford.