Peter Wicks

Director, Program in Ethics, Finance, and Economics

Research Fellow

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Peter Wicks is Director of the Program in Ethics, Finance, and Economics and Research Fellow at the Elm Institute. Educated at the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge, Dr. Wicks came to the United States as Jane Eliza Procter Visiting Fellow at Princeton’s Graduate School before pursuing his doctoral studies in philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. Before joining the Elm Institute he taught in Villanova University’s Ethics Program as a Catherine of Siena Fellow. His main research interests are the contemporary applications of Aristotelian ethical and political thought and the intellectual foundations of utilitarianism. He is currently completing a book, The Ethics of Peter Singer: A Study of Utilitarianism in Theory and Practice, which examines the sources of the appeal of utilitarianism in contemporary culture through a critical engagement with the work of the philosopher Peter Singer. Along with Kelvin Knight, he is editor of the second edition of The MacIntyre Reader (University of Notre Dame Press).